Gold VIP

You will here find an overview of the prices for my most important clients; my Gold VIP‘s. If you become a Gold VIP during a calendar month, the prices and conditions in this category will be applicable to you. These prices include a discount of 15%, and I’m offering this discount because I would like to show my appreciation for clients who avail of my services on a regular basis. These rates are extremely competitive compared to market prices, but the focus will always be on delivering services of the highest quality.

    • Gold projects
    • All language combinations
    • Translations: €0.14 per word
    • Proofreading: €0.07 per word
    • Price per hour: €49.30
    • Minimum cost per project: €49.30
    • Valid for services of €8,000 or more per month
    • Delivery within 5 working days
    • Urgent projects: Markup charge of 10%

Gold VIP

This is the price list for my Gold VIP‘s, and it will be applicable for deliveries adding up to €8,000 or more in a given calendar month. The price applies to all the different language combinations. No assignment is too small, but the minimum cost per project is €49.30. This means that a project which involves translating a text of 320 words will be invoiced at €49.30 instead of €44.80 (320 words x €0.14). 353 words will however be invoiced approximately the same, €49.42, since this amount of words puts you above the minimum cost of €49.30.

Urgent projects

All prices are for delivery within 5 working days. Quicker delivery is considered an urgent project, and an extra markup fee of 10% will be applicable. Please contact me to see how quickly I’m able to deliver. Smaller projects may some times be delivered within an hour or two.

Services and language combinations offered

Translations: €0.14 per word

I offer translations in the following language combinations (per word):

English – Norwegian
Danish – Norwegian
Swedish – Norwegian
Nynorsk – Bokmål
Norwegian – English
Swedish – English
Danish – English

Proofreading, editing and reviewing: €0.07 per word

I offer proofreading, editing and reviewing of texts in Norwegian and English (per word).

Copywriting: €49.30 per hour

I offer copywriting services in Norwegian and English (per hour).
How long it will take me to write a certain amount of words is heavily dependent on the material, and any preliminary work and research which needs to be done in conjunction with the text(s).

VAT on services delivered in Norway

Kindly note that 25% VAT will be added to services delivered in Norway. As Anderssen Language Services is a Norwegian company, this is required by law. Services delivered abroad are VAT exempt. All the prices indicated on this website are exclusive of VAT.