Loyalty program

Anderssen Language Services was launched with a loyalty program already in place. It’s extremely simple, and rewards and benefits are calculated by the end of each calendar month. Some proper savings can be made, and you can receive up to an astonishing 15 % discount on all services!

The purpose of a loyalty program is simply to emphasize the importance of having a good customer relationship. For my services to be of as high a quality as possible, it’s important that I know you, your business and the material you would like processed as well as possible. The better understanding I have for your thoughts and ideas, for how you would like your product / service communicated, and for what you would like the product / service to represent, the greater likelihood there is that I manage to communicate this exactly the way you want. We achieve this by working together frequently, and I therefore want to encourage exactly this by reducing the prices as the workload increases.

I’ve chosen to divide the loyalty program into 3 different levels, and the first level, bronze, is achieved by ordering and receiving services for €1,800 during a calendar month. What will happen then, is that all the services availed of during this month automatically will get the bronze conditions and the discounts that comes with this level applied. Silver level is achieved at €3,000, while the gold level is achieved at €8,000.

Below you will find all the levels and a brief description of what the different ones involves. Click on “Read more” at the bottom of each level for even further information about the benefits involved.

    • Standard
    • €0.17
    • Normal price
    • €0.17 per word
    • €58 per hour
    • Minimum cost €58
    • Bronze 1,800
    • €0.16
    • 5% discount
    • €0.16 per word
    • €55.10 per hour
    • Minimum cost €55.10
    • Silver 3,000
    • €0.15
    • 10% discount
    • €0.15 per word
    • €52.20 per hour
    • Minimum cost €52.20
    • Gold 8,000
    • €0.14
    • 15% discount
    • €0.14 per word
    • €49.30 per hour
    • Minimum cost €49.30

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss your needs, or for a chat about how you can climb the loyalty ladder and receive the very best prices from me.